In the PGI Accelerator whitepaper version 1.3, there is mention of a “deviceptr” clause which specifies the use of an device-side pointer (in C). However, this does not seem to be currently supported. Is there some estimation as to when this feature might be available?

Hi Swizzle,

The current release of the PGI 2011 Accelerator Compiler, version 11.3, only supports the 1.2 version of the PGI Accelerator Model. Version 1.3 is still in development.

I believe we expect to have Version 1.3 fully implemented in the PGI 2012 compilers. Though, it’s possible we will have portions complete before then. I’ve sent a note to engineering and asked what their current schedule for deviceptr is.

Thanks for the inquiry,

The April build, version 11.4, supports deviceptr() as well as acc_malloc() and acc_free() functions in C.