Devlopper Kit Jetson TX2 Issue since I put a SATA SSD

Hi, As explain in videos I install a SAmsung SSD SATA on my Jetson TX2. I follow steps explain in the video Develop on SSD - NVIDIA Jetson TX Dev Kits. But when I reboot the system, nothing appear on my screen. And now the machine is like all time, but I don’t have anything, on my screen. I don’t know how I can fix it. And I got this machine since less than a week, so I would know, if there is a solution for keep, all thing I did, or if I need to reset all the machine, and if I need to reset, how we do that, and do I need to take off the ssd?

Thanks for your answer

Is your monitor and cabling purely HDMI? Is there anything special about the monitor?

It is common to run into video configuration issues, and yet the system is otherwise up and running well. You’d need ssh or serial console access to find out. If you know the IP address of the Jetson (such as from a router log…or if the PC is acting as a router, monitor dmesg as the Jetson boots), then you can ssh to either the “ubuntu” or “nvidia” account. Even without ssh you can test for ping of that IP address to see if the system is alive. Odds are the system is alive and video just isn’t working.

Note: There are different default resolutions from different flashes. If you got lucky before when there is not a valid HDMI cable then it might fail under a different release. Also, HDMI is hot-plug…this means that after boot you can pull the cable and plug it back in and the hot plug might cause the monitor to start working. Or you can boot without a monitor, wait a couple of minutes, and then plug the monitor in and it might work.