@Devs Need help on attaching it on PSX Emulator.

Hello everyone/Nvidia/Developer and All the world :D

First of all Thanks for all your work on this insane software it is really powerfull but it seem that there are some bug to be fixed for later which i will explain later.

So actually i’m in need to “Rip” Sprite from a 2D Games (Ps1) that run on EpSXE Emulator (psx emulator), I did made a VisualStudio Project in order to have the Nsight loaded so once the project is compiled, i switched the .exe with the emulator .exe.

PSX emulator (that emulator got OpenGL or even DirectX 6 for a ps1 game… Then i click on Nsight->Graphics Debugging the emulator open as intended, once i load the game “.iso” the application instantly crash (most likely Nsight doesn’t work ?).

Also if you could make a function to do a Graphics debugging on the fly like CodeXL does, this would be pretty good, I just want to RIP some damn 2D Sprites/Texture with your software, since this control all the calls made from the API, but this simply crash at start, is it intended to crash just because i attached it on a game that i don’t have the source of ? cause that’s really annoying, and your software make the sprite/texture ripping so easier …

Edit: Forgot to say that the emulator is a 32bits application.

Edit2: Tested with a 64bits game (Starcraft II) instant crash, look’s like we can’t use your software for getting textures/sprites (i mean we can’t attach it at all this always crash on external game (the one you don’t have the source you know)),

An option like CodeXL to make it working on any game on the fly would be awesome, if it’s just limited to be used inside a visual studio environment with a SelfCompiled game (it probably crash because there is no source code) then it’s a big fail, that software is awesome and need to be used for external game so you can debug your “game” that you created, and you can debug game that you don’t have the source of to get textures, view call etc.


Nsight do support games that you don’t have source code, although it’s hosted by Visual Studio. Nsight also support 32bit binary.

I need more to do some investigation about this issue:

  • your driver
  • your GPU
  • your OS
  • your binary which can run the crash sample