Dewarp Plugin missing in Deepstream 3.0 for Jetson

Does anyone know why the Dewarp Plugin was not included in the Deepstream 3.0 for Jetson. It’s a plugin I would like to use as we have a 360/fisheye camera project leveraging Xavier. It’s confusion as the plugin is supported in Deepstream 3.0 for Telsa and it’s described in all the marketing documentation as a key plugin offering for DS.

So I wonder why it wasn’t included in the 3.0 release for Jetson and if it’s coming. If it’s not coming, what was the reason that this wasn’t ported to Jetson. Was performance of the Jetson devices not capable of running (multiple stream) dewarp? If performance is not capable on TX1/2, how about Xavier?

I want to make sure I don’t waste my time implementing my own plugin and find out something Nvidia already knew about performance or that the plugin release is imminent.

Hopefully someone from Nvidia can help provide some insight.

Do you mean this plugin?

It is not owned by NVIDIA and should be present if you install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.

I noticed the same thing as vu360. I believe he’s referring to gst-nvdewarp which is advertised as part of DeepStream for Xavier but doesn’t seem to be present in the binary packages.

It is mentioned on this Nvidia developer blog:

Yes, D3_growe is correct.

Nvidia provides hardware accelerated plugin with DS3 (see below) for their platforms. Their are quite a few missing plugins beyond Dewarp for Jetson. The bold items below are available on Jetson, but rest is missing. It would be good to understand why and the suggestion for portability of DS3 solutions.

Plugin Name : Functionality
gst-nvvideocodecs : H.264 and H.265 video decoding
gst-nvstreammux : Stream aggregation and batching
gst-nvinfer : TensorRT-based inferencing for detection and classification
gst-nvtracker : Object tracking reference implementation
gst-nvosd : On-screen display for highlighting objects and text overlay
gst-tiler : Frame rendering from multi-source into a 2D grid array
gst-eglglessink : Accelerated X11/EGL-based rendering
gst-nvvidconv : Scaling, format conversion, and rotation
gst-nvdewarp : Dewarping for 360-degree camera input
gst-nvmsgconv : Metadata generation and encoding
gst-nvmsgbroker : Messaging to cloud

Hi vu360,
It is a feature request for Xavier deepstream SDK. Please contact NVIDIA salesperson to let us know more detail about your usecase. Thanks.

I am also interested in the dewarp plugin for the Jetson platform. Any update on the development of this?