dGPU for Encoding


I’m wondering if you have a recommendation for a dGPU that I can use to offload encoding/decoding to. I’m looking for lossless encoding of four streams running at 4k60. 8 or 10 bits is fine.

We are using jetson agx orin boards for our product, which has a machine learning component, and I’d love to capture video streams for R&D use & validation on the dev kit with cameras, and then replay data through our pipeline with our software without the cameras running live. It doesn’t seem like the AGX Orin can support 4x 4k60 lossless. I’m also fine compositing frames, so 1x 8k60 lossless encoder should work fine too. Unfortunately the GPU card I have doesn’t fit into the AGX Orin dev kit’s PCIe slot.

In AGX Orin, there are NVENC blocks for hardware encoding. Please refer to section 4.5 in module data sheet for the capability:

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Didn’t receive a rec. for a dGPU, so closing and marked as solved.