DGX-1 Driver

We are currently investigating what we need to do to support some DGX-1s at our site. I’m trying to get more information on what the requirements are for the DGX-1 with regards to drivers and OS. The datasheet (http://images.nvidia.com/content/technologies/deep-learning/pdf/Datasheet-DGX1.pdf) says there is a “DGX-1 Recommended GPU Driver”; what does this mean? Will this just be the standard CUDA 8.0 driver? Will it work on RHEL 6.5 or a newer RHEL 6 version?

The principal software support/maintenance path for the DGX-1 will not involve you making detail decisions about which driver to install. The preferred support method will be a cloud-managed method, and as new drivers are required they may be pushed to your DGX-1 system. This means that the driver installed on your DGX-1 may not match (numerically) the driver versions you have installed elsewhere in your facility.

You can “opt-out” of this cloud-managed support plan/process. In that case you get to select your own driver to install, and with respect to the GPU driver this will/should be from the same stream of drivers that NVIDIA develops and releases for all of our GPU related activity. However this opt-out has significant implications for how the support process will work (see below).

With respect to your questions about RHEL 6 or RHEL 6.5 for example, the cloud-managed/preferred support plan will have/require an Ubuntu OS installed on the system. If you choose to opt-out of this method/plan, you can install your own OS of choice as you see fit, but the NVIDIA support commitment will be significantly reduced.

We’re pleased that you have an interest in the DGX-1. I’m sure there are additional follow-up questions and probably further clarification which I haven’t addressed. I’d suggest rather than try and have this discussion on a public forum, that you contact NVIDIA directly, or through your preferred partner, and arrange for a consultation call, so that these questions can be answered.

If you’re unsure how to do that, please send me a private message via this forum with your contact info, and I will contact you directly to arrange a consultation.