DGX-2 server is not getting started

The DGX-2 server is not getting started. Whenever I press the power button it reaches a screen showing NVIDIA logo and got turned off. I have tried multiple times, but couldnot succeed. Few days back it was working very fine. All fans are working. I have also removed all power cables and supply, but the results were same. Power options after BMC login also not fruitful. The keyboard attached to the system also not getting power and system getting off before that and I am also not able to reach boot menu.

Does the System Event Log report anything @www.rcjoshi2011 that might give a clue? (View the event log from the BMC, or you can do ipmitool sel elist with the BMC user/pass/IP/etc. from another Linux machine.)

If you have a support contract still, this is exactly the thing that NVIDIA Enterprise Support can help with - follow the steps in About the DGX User Forum / Note: this is not NVIDIA Enterprise Support to create a case.