DGX-2 Server Virtualization Leverages NVSwitch for Faster GPU Enabled Virtual Machines

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/dgx2-server-virtualization-nvswitch-faster-gpu-virtual-machines/

NVIDIA Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) takes open source KVM and enhances it to support the unique capabilities of the NVIDIA DGX-2 server, creating a full virtualization solution for NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA NVSwitch devices with PCI passthrough. The DGX-2 server incorporates 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB GPUs, 12 NVSwitch chips, two 24 core Xeon CPUs,…

Hi, does NVIDIA Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) supports DGX-1 with 8 GPU NVlink without NVswitch?