DGX H100 power consumption

I want to read the power consumption of DGX H100 with ipmitool command.

ipmitool -I lanplus -H IPaddress -U user -P password dcmi power reading

Here is the result.
Instantaneous power reading: 0 Watts
Minimum during sampling period: 0 Watts
Maximum during sampling period: 7852 Watts
Average power reading over sample period: 1885 Watts
IPMI timestamp: Fri Jan 12 09:20:45 2024
Sampling period: 00000005 Seconds.
Power reading state is: activated

“Instantaneous power reading” value is abnormal.

Please tell me how to read it correctly.

Best regards,

Hi @Rei , this is the perfect thing for NVIDIA Enterprise Support to assist with. See About the DGX User Forum / Note: this is not NVIDIA Enterprise Support for help in making a support ticket.

In the meantime, does ipmitool sensor list give you the system power measurement you’re looking for?


Hello @ScottEllis ,
I will ask NV Enterprise Support teams.

“ipmitool sensor list” command works good.

ipmitool sensor list <~~~omit~~~>  | grep -i PWR_SYSTEM
PWR_SYSTEM       | 1872.000   | Watts      | ok    | na        | na        | na        | 19890.000 | 19890.000 | na 

It is same value about Average power reading over sample period.

I would like to monitor the power of servers including DGXH100 at our data center, so I want to read many servers using “ipmitool dcmi power reading”.

Thank you very much.

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