DGX Station A100 System Firmware Update Container Version 23.07.3 announced by email, but not yet listed


I have just received:

The DGX Station A100 System Firmware Update container version 23.07.3 is available.
We highly recommend that you update your DGX Station A100 to this latest firmware
version to get enhancements and bug fixes.

Important: This System Firmware Update container is only for NVIDIA DGX Station A100.

Here are the file names:

  • Package name: nvfw-dgxstationa100_23.7.3_230727.tar.gz
  • Run file name: nvfw-dgxstationa100_23.7.3_230727.run
  • Image name: nvfw-dgxstationa100:23.7.3
  • ISO image: DGXSTATIONA100_FWUI-23.7.3-2023-08-02-15-03-27.iso
  • PXE netboot: pxeboot-DGXSTATIONA100_FWUI-23.7.3.tgz

    To download the files and get more information, please go to:

But 404 on the linked announce. The download center Servers/Workstations/DGX A100 is listing “DGX A100 System Firmware Update Container Version 23.06.3” as latest version.



That’s odd @tru_huynh , that URL seems to work for me. Can you get to the URL below?


Note that the “DGX A100 System Firmware…” you reference is for the DGX A100 server. You want to check under “DGX Station A100” (note the “Station” in there).

My bad, sorry I missed “Station” VS “Server” while reading too fast!

I don’t have access your linked page “Page Not Found”: probably because I only have A100 server entitlements!

Sorry for the noise.