DGX2 new firmware container missing

The announcement page has the instructions how to update the firmware of the DGX2 to version nvfw-dgx2_23.3.1_230306 here: DGX-2 System Firmware Update Container Release Notes :: DGX Systems Documentation

Also, the download page lists this container as available:

However, after clicking the download button, I’m redirected to an error page about a missing announcement: https://enterprise-support.nvidia.com/s/announcement/a4z8Z000000IiW0/detail

How can I download the update package?

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Is there anything new regarding this update and the missing file?

Hi Bernhard,

Can you try again but first log in to the portal and then use the link (that worked for me).

If that doesn’t work, can you try with a different browser/computer? We had issues with cookies and/or caching in the past. Maybe clean the history or cookies might also help.

Hi Chris,

thank you for your answer. I tried different browsers with empty caches/cookies (private browsing) but all of them tell me that the page is not found.

This error happens also for the ISOs 5.5.0, 6.0.10, 6.0.11, and 6.1 .

Could this be an entitlement issue? The last ISO is version 5.4, however, the publish date is 2022, so it should also not be covered, right?