Diagnosing System Throttling

I got a Jetson Nano earlier this week and have been starting to transfer some code at work over as a test case, but almost as soon as I turn it on I start getting Warning messages appear that the system is being throttled (which for convenience I have disabled for the moment!)

I’m slightly surprised at this as it is currently supplied power through the barrel jack adapter powered from a bench power supply with the full 4A available to it, I checked at the connector end with a multimeter at the connector end, and there is a ~.1V drop but I wouldn’t expect that to be causing issues. The the max I have ever seen it draw is 1.1A from the supply, even when running some of the demos.

There is also a fan attached, but I’m not sure that temperature is really the issue here as the heatsink is cool to the touch and tegrastats suggest 25C temps while still warning of throttling!

I’m currently set to the MAXN power mode, but I received the same warnings on 5W, is there something I’m missing or is the warning just overzealous and I shouldn’t worry about it?

Thanks all.


You will probably need to post the exact messages. It is hard to tell what is being throttled.

I also encountered the same problem

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I am also facing same issue… is there any impact in jetnano board? after run the tensorrt process. i got this warning message

You will need to post the exact error message, and when it is triggered. We know from what you say that this is related to completion of a tensorrt process, but little else is known. If a method of reproducing this is given (e.g., details to reproduce your tensorrt execution), and logs are given to exactly search for what happened, this this can be debugged. Without that information there isn’t much chance.