Diagonal Screen Tearing since 525.78.01 - Thinkpad P1 Gen2 T2000

May I ask on which machine? Which GPU?


I got local repro on Lenovo system which has T1000 GPU with freshly installed Fedora release 37.

Issue still persists with driver version 535.54.03

When can we count with a solution?

Issue still persists with driver version 53.86.05 on Fedora 38

The question is still open: when will there be a fix?

We are all waiting for an answer.



Issue still persists with driver version 535.98

I will check within team internally about the progress and update.

thanks for reply.

FYI: Issue still persists with driver version 535.104.05


No response since Aug 28.
Issue persists for almost 1 year!

Issue still there with driver version 535.129.03
Issue still there also with driver version 545.29.06

Is this somehow a competition to see which of you from Nvidia ignores the customer the longest?
Is there anything you are doing or just hanging around giving a shit what the customers needs are?

In the meanwhile we handle it like Linus Torvalds. I guess you know what it means…

NEVER EVER NVIDIA AGAIN. We are switching to Intel and AMD. They may be slower in some aspects, but in total the time fucked up with handling issues and not getting any support, its definitely worth to switch. NEVER EVER NVIDIA