Did M2 KEY slot is activating during jetpack is installing?

I am trying to use M2 KEY slot but I can not use it, will M2 KEY slot activating after or during jetpack is installing?

Hi alperkzlkm,

Could you share the kernel log? We do not have comprehensive test for all kinds of SSD.
This thread has pointed out what SSD we support.



I am trying to use a video capture card via mini PC express to M2 key converter. I got a driver installation error, the driver installation could not be done properly, during the installation of the driver of the capture card. Therefore I want to be sure that whether the slot is active or not. Depends on this fact I start to focus on the driver debugging.

Does error from driver installation log says that device is not present?
Can you please attach the output of ‘sudo lspci -vvvv’? and also ‘dmesg’ log?
BTW, Jetson-AGX has two kinds of M.2 slots… viz. M.2 Key-M slot (its a PCIe x4 slot sandwiched between module and baseboard) and an M.2 Key-E slot (its a PCIe x1 slot present on the back side of the board). Which slot you are connecting your device to?
FWIW, Jetson-AGX has both these slots enabled and you should be able to get the PCIe link to any/both slots when devices are connected to them.