Did not get the license key

I had placed an order for free PGI visual Fortan offer on Jan, 07, 2009. The PIN is 519125. I was supposed to get an email with the license within 2 business days. Heven’t yet heard from PGI. Could you please help me with this?

Susan Lukose

Hi Susan,

You need to generate your license using our online license generating system. Instructions on how to do this should be included in the same email that contained your PIN number, but the basic instructions are as follows.

At the end of the installation, you’ll be prompted if you want to generate a license. Select ‘yes’ and follow the instruction on the screen. If you’ve already installed the product, you can access the license generation utility from your Start button at: ‘PGI Visual Fortran->PGI Visual Fortran Tools->Generate License’.

You can also manually generate a license by:

  • Log in to your PGI account using your email address as your user name (http://www.pgroup.com/webuser/index.php).
    Select the “Tie a PIN to this Account” and enter the 16-digit PIN code
    Next select ‘Create permanent keys’ and then your PIN number.
    Select the ‘Create license key’ radio box and press ‘Submit’
    Enter the hostname of your system (from ‘lmutils lmhostid -hostname’) and your hostid (from ‘lmutils lmhostid’) and press ‘Generate License Key’.
    Copy the keys into a ‘license.dat’ file and put the file in your $PGI directory (typically C:\Program Files\PGI)

Hope this helps,