Did the 320.00 beta driver make CUDA performance faster for anyone else?

I am seeing a few percent of performance gain by upgrading from a R314 driver to 320.00 beta.
This is for compute 3.0 devices.

Can you guys confirm this? I hope the effect is not limited to just my application ;)

To be more specific, my litecoin mining application (performing scrypt hashes on the GPU) gained 5-10% on Kepler devices after this driver upgrade. I am not sure about other GPU models.

On Windows 7 x64 installation of this driver caused all CUDA applications to fail to start with CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN in cuCtxCreate. The problem is reproduced on two different computers with two different GPUs (both of them also have an AMD GPU installed though).

Rolled back to 314.22.

I just updated some benchmarks and am not seeing any appreciable change on a GTX 680 with 320.00 on Win7/x64. The instruction mix is not very general and almost entirely comparisons and load/stores.

I use the Driver API extensively (cuCtxCreate, etc.) and it seems to work here. 5 CUDA GPUs, no AMD on Win7/x64.

I also rolled back on a system with 4 GPUs, as I had intermittent driver crashes on graphics operations (opening / closing / moving windows).

I have 2x titans running, and I did see a small performance boost, mabye a few percentages. didnt calculate specifically, but it did increase as I see the time for the code dropped somewhat.