Difference between 40g and 140g TX2 Model


I was wondering if someone could explain the difference between the 40g and 140g shock rated TX2 models?

Thank you

Hi nate1o5nj, I checked with the hw engineering team, and we can’t find 40G - it should be 140G. Where do you see 40G referred to?

Ok great thank you. I am unsure where the 40G info came from, but we had heard there were two different models.

There are a few different models of TX2 modules: the standard TX2 (with 8GB memory), TX2 4GB, and TX2i (industrial)

You can view the differences in environmental qualifications between TX2 and TX2i here (they both have 140G shock):


why are there two different spec listed on this?

I see - those are two different testing standards (different possible durations, ect)

could you provide more information on the two different tests? we are trying to decide if we need to design to 140g or 40g so its a pretty big difference for us so a clear understanding of these two different ratings would be very helpful

You would need to obtain the standards documents listed in the datasheet (JESD22-B110 and IEC600068-2-27), unfortunately I am not able to provide copies of them.

I did and they are not specific enough to be clear why one is rated for 100g more than the other. I tried contacting NVIDIA support phone number and they said the only way to get support answers regarding Jetson is on this forum. Can you please provide us with the test report for the 40g and the 140g so we can understand why they are rated so differently?

Ah - 140G is for non-operational and 40G is for operational.

Great thank you