Difference between ConnectX-6 DX and ConnectX-6 VPI cards

Hello everyone,

I’m looking into buying a ConnectX-6 NIC and i’m wondering about the different product lines and SKUs.

What specifically are the differences between the different products?
I’m for example comparing MCX653106A-ECAT to MCX623106AN-CDAT.

The first one is a IB/Ethernet card from the ConnectX-6 series and the other one a ethernet card from the ConnectX-6 DX series. Both have 2 QSFP56 Ports capable of speeds up to 100 Gbit/s. Are the only differences the supported protocols and can i expect both cards to behave the same in ethernet mode?

I’m also interested in using their RDMA features with DPDK or Doca GPUNetIO. The GPUNetIO documentation states the following: “It is highly recommended to only use NVIDIA adapter from ConnectX-6 Dx and later.”. Does this include the ConnectX-6 VPI models in Ethernet mode?

Thanks in Advance,