Difference between detector_bbox_info , tracker_bbox_info and rect_params

Jetson Nano
Deepstream 5.1 SDK
Jetpack 4.5.1

I was reading this :

and I needed further clarity on the difference between the three.

Also do the rect_params.top,rect_params.left,rect_params.width,rect_params.height
Represent the four corners of the detection rectangle, if so which corners specifically.

detector_bbox_info is the output of nvinfer plugin with the model, and tracker_bbox_info is the output of nvtracker plugin. In previous release there is only rect_params which is the output of last component. In latest release the output result is kept so that you can access all data per your use-case.

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What is the correct way of accessing the detector_bbox_info and tracker_bbox_info .
Is it similar to rect_params or is it different ?

There is code for fetching tracker_bbox_info in


Please take a look. It is same for fetching detector_bbox_info.

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