Difference between GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIOx and GPIO_CTLx_GPIOx


Any specific difference between GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIOx & GPIO_CTLx_GPIOx in terms of interrupt or any special feature/usage cases ?

GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIO0 0x02200000 0x02200fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIO1 0x02201000 0x02201fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIO2 0x02202000 0x02202fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIO3 0x02203000 0x02203fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIO4 0x02204000 0x02204fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL_COMMON_GPIO5 0x02205000 0x02205fff SYSTEM

GPIO_CTL0_GPIO0 0x02210000 0x02210fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL0_GPIO1 0x02211000 0x02211fff SYSTEM
GPIO_CTL0_GPIO2 0x02212000 0x02212fff SYSTEM


This feature is used to support virtualization. As you know the xavier soc is also used for DRIVE platform.

Okay, Thank you so much…

I have question, not related to this topic.

Is there a way to identify “Which CPU Core belongs to which cluster” i mean like Core0& Core1 belongs first cluster ??