Difference between isaac_cc_module and isaac_component in bazel build file

What would be the difference between isaac_cc_module() and isaac_component() in bazel BUILD? I have noticed both appearing in very similar contexts. When is it right to use which of those two?


In the ISAAC SDK you can find the following descriptions for both of them.

Basically an isaac_component() is a library created for a single component. And it’s used so that each and every component is located in its own library to avoid having extra involved dependencies.

However an isaac_cc_module() is used when you want to contain one or more components together in a single module to be used by the application.

From my experience, the best practice is to create an isaac_component for each component that you have, group the components that are needed together in a single module, and then add that module to your application.

Hope this helps clarifying the difference between the two, good luck!