Difference between JetPack 4.4 and JetPack 4.5 for CAN connection?

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Being new to this technology, i bumped into a problem with CAN connections in a Jetson Xavier AGX.


I am trying to control a motor through Controller Areal Network (CAN) connections using the Nvidia Jetson Xavier Developer Kit.
I followed along this tutorial and went through this topic but I didn’t manage to make it work properly.
Currently, I have been able to successfully enable CAN connections and control the motors using another Xavier running JetPack 4.4 but when switching to the one running a newer JetPack version 4.5 and repeating the exact same steps, nothing works as expected.
I verified CAN connections using a loopback test as mentionned here and it works perfectly fine over CAN0 and CAN1: I am getting traffic using candump can0 in loopback mode. However there is no traffic in normal test mode.
Besides, wiring is OK since my setup is working with another Xavier running JetPack 4.4.

I am wondering if there is any JetPack features update that would have changed the behaviour of CAN connections ?

Running the ip -s -d link show can0 command I get these results

which differ from those I get from the working Xavier only by clock rate (38400000 vs 50000000).
So I am wondering if that might be the cause, hence how can I change this ?

Here are some information about my setup:

  • Xavier1: NVidia Jetson Xavier Developer Kit, Jetpack 4.4.1
  • Xavier2: NVidia Jetson Xavier Developer Kit, Jetpack 4.5.1
  • Maxon EPOS4 Compact 50 CAN

Thanks !

Yes, you need to enable PLLAON clock to make it work.


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Alright, thanks very much, it solved my problem!