Difference between Pad voltages and enabling nvidia,io-high-voltage

I’m trying to set up some pins to operate at the 3.3 V. I read that you can do that by changing the pad voltage or enabling nvidia,io-high-voltage property for each pin. I wanted to know if there is any difference between these two.
Should I modify both to make the pin operate at that voltage?

Hi, generally the pad voltage level is fixed. The io-high-voltage property can be set to let the pin be “3.3V Tolerance Enable” as you can see in pinmux sheet.

What happens if the pin is set as “3.3V Tolerance Enable” but its group is not set as 3.3 V in the pad voltages?

Generally it is one of two levels,1.8V or 3.3V. Both are OK for 3.3V Tolerance Enable pins.

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