difference between PVF and pgf90

Does Portland Visual Fortran for Windows (v10.4) support CUDA in the same way as the linux version? I have a simple code that works fine with pgf90 version 10.4 on linux, but I get an error, “copyin Symbol Memcpy FAILED:13” using PVF 10.4 on Windows.

Any ideas? Thanks,

module cudamod
   implicit none

   integer, device :: int_d(1)

   attributes(global) subroutine foo
   end subroutine foo
end module cudamod

program fcuda
   use cudafor
   use cudamod
   implicit none

   integer :: int_h(1)

   int_h = 0

   int_d = int_h
end program fcuda

Hi Todd,

This is a known compiler error (TPR#16346) that only occurs on 32-bit Windows when copying array data from a host routine to a module’s global data. I just increased the priority of this problem (you’re the first external report of this problem) and hopefully we can have it fixed shortly.

The work around is to use 64-bit Windows.