Difference between Raspberry PI i2c and Xavier NX i2c


I’m currently testing out the adafruit drv2605l. I am able to use it on an Arduino Uno and a Raspberry Pi Zero (using i2c-tools).

However the device does not seem to work correctly with my Xavier NX (I tried both Bus 8 and Bus 1). I am able to read/write to the drv2605l IC, but it does not respond.

Perhaps there are some fundamental difference between PI and Jetson that creates issues?

Are you saying you can set and get a sequence but play doesn’t activate the motor? I know you said you can get it to work on a Pi and a Uno but this sounds like a power or connection issue. All of the NX logic levels are 3.3v so you are powering the drv2605l with 3.3v yes? How about the motor? Does it run with 3.3v?

Yes the input voltage turned out to be wrong. A small but deadly mistake. Thank you!

Would you mind marking the thread as resolved?