Difference between tegra20 and tegra30

I am working using the Jetson Xavier NX and I need the I2S driver for it. In the /sound/soc/tegra/, I see a tegra30_i2s.c and a tegra20_i2s.c. So which is the file that I should use? And how do I know?

Hi user93455,

“Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel/nvidia/sound/soc/tegra-alt/tegra210_i2s_alt.c” is the relevant i2s driver assuming you are using latest Jet Pack BSP. Generally, you need to identify the driver based on matching compatible string available in device node (i2s node in this case) and in case there are multiple drivers listing same compatible string, need to identify the one that is getting compiled or used.


Thank You, so is this the platform driver that is referred to in NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Audio Setup and Development | NVIDIA Docs?

Hi Abhigyan,

“Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel/nvidia/sound/soc/tegra-alt/tegra210_admaif_alt.c” is the platform driver. Please refer link in detail.


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