Difference between the .dtb files for the P2822 included with JetPack 4.2?


Can someone explain what the difference is between the ‘normal’ .dtb file and the one with ‘maxn’ in the suffix?

Which one should we use as a starting point for a custom dtb for a custom carrier?

I have used ‘dtc’ to create a dts file for both of those files, my assumption is that the other files in the dtb folder are for other SoM and carrier combos (tegra186-quill for example)

Edit: I did look at these in a text compare, and I see there are a lot of differences, I just dont know the root reason - is one for the SoM periperhals only?


hello dan.binnun,

according to Supported Modes and Power Efficiency session, you’ll need to flashing with maxn dtb file for switching to MaxN mode.

if you compare the board configuration files, jetson-xavier.conf v.s. jetson-xavier-maxn.conf
you’ll see they’re including different cfg and also dtb files,