Difference between the Jetson AGX and the Jetson AGX Developer Kit.

Hey guys,

for me it seems like the two share the same hardware, only that the Developer Kit has additional software and more connections. But on the same side it is cheaper by almost 300€.
What exactly am I overlooking here?

I was wondering the same. Could use some help.

The devkit is intended for development, while the compute module is intended for production deployment into end-products, devices, and embedded systems. The module has undergone additional qualifications for reliability and environmental characteristics like wider operating temperature. As per the Thermal Design Guide, the module includes an integrated Thermal Transfer Plate (TTP) for use with custom cooling solutions. The module also has a warranty that covers re-sale and deployment, and has volume discounts available through distributors.

The Jetson AGX Xavier is available in two variants:

Note that the same JetPack software runs on the devkit and both the 8GB/16GB versions of the modules, so the software available is the same.

The I/O provided at the module level is also the same, the devkit carrier board just breaks out the I/O provided by the module to consumer connectors like USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, PCIe/M.2, ect. The devkit carrier design is open-source, so you can customize it’s design for your own purposes (i.e. adding/removing I/O connections, ect). See these resources available for carrier board design:

Additional downloads for hardware design can be found here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?tx=$product,jetson_agx_xavier

Please also refer to this FAQ for more info: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/faq#jetson-devkit-not-for-production