difference(s) between 3310-1000-B02-E and 3310-1000-B02-C

Hello Nvidia,

I have two identical custom carrier-boards equipped with jetson TX2 modules. One of them fails to reboot, blocking after the 'reboot: Restarting system", with sometimes some messages about i2c.

I noticed that the one that does not succeed to reboot is a “3310-1000-B02-E” while the other one is a “3310-1000-B02-C”. What are the difference(s) between those two versions ?

Hi phdm,

Please share the full log of this problematic module.

Here you are.
reboot-failure-24v.log (10.5 KB)

Hi phdm,

Does this issue happen if you put it on devkit? BTW, what release are you using?

Hello WayneWWW,

It is the morning here and the board was not powered during the night; I just retried the reboot several times this morning and it worked each time. It was perhaps a temperature problem : can it be that the board was not too hot to run, but too hot to reboot ?

Sorry I cannot try on a devkit.

This is with jetpack-3.3.

You could try to run tegrastats before reboot and see how is the temperature during that time.

Thank you. I’ll do that and let you know.

btw, do you buy the module directly or along with devkit? I believe most of users here should use C0x or D0x modules.

We buy lots of TX2 modules without devkit.

Here is one record of tegrastats output

RAM 4178/7842MB (lfb 721x4MB) CPU [43%@499,4%@345,0%@345,42%@499,46%@499,43%@499] BCPU@52C MCPU@52C GPU@53C PLL@52C Tboard@46C Tdiode@53.25C PMIC@100C thermal@52.8C VDD_IN 12384/12545 VDD_CPU 307/328 VDD_GPU 4569/4704 VDD_SOC 2358/2363 VDD_WIFI 324/324 VDD_DDR 2956/2976

How should I decrypt that ?

Here is what tegrastats said just before a reboot that failed :

RAM 4183/7842MB (lfb 720x4MB) CPU [44%@499,0%@345,4%@345,41%@499,40%@499,45%@499
] BCPU@52.5C MCPU@52.5C GPU@54C PLL@52.5C Tboard@47C Tdiode@53.25C PMIC@100C thermal@53.1C VDD_IN 12372/12579 VDD_CPU 307/327 VDD_GPU 4592/4718 VDD_SOC 2358/2369 VDD_WIFI 324/324 VDD_DDR 2937/2975


According to your result, the average temperature should be around 47~55C and it should not cause any thermal problem.

Is this result along with the failure?

Ok then it should not be the temperature issue.

I would suggest below check

  1. Find on devkit and see if this module would hit issue even on devkit

  2. Paste the schematic of your custom carrier board here.

Are there devkit"s specific to 3310-1000-B02-E modules, or would any TX2 devkit, or even a TX1 one, be OK ?

Any devkit should be fine. TX1 devkit is compatible with TX2.

Hi phdm,

Have you clarified the cause and resolve the issue? Any result can be shared?

Hi Wayne and Kay,

actually our custom board has a protection mechanism against overcurrent. With warm 3310-1000-B02-C modules, at startup some internal component of the jetson drains so much current that 6v tension drops below the threshold in our protection mechanism. With cold 3310-1000-B02-C modules, or with cold or warm 3310-1000-B02-E modules, the 6v tension does not drop so much and does not activate our protection mechanism. Please excuse my English or my Electrical vocabulary as I am a software guy.