Difference standalone and integrated (gdb) mode of memcheck

Hi all,

I have a program which results in an “Invalid global read” when I run it with standalone cuda-memcheck from the command line. If I run the program from cuda-gdb and “set cuda memcheck on” the same program runs fine and does not show any errors.

Thus, I wonder if there are any differences between standalone and integrated mode of memcheck? I did compile the code with “-g -G” parameters. Is there anything else I need to do to get the same behavior?

Providing a minimal working example is a bit tricky, but if this turns out to be unintended behavior I will try to come up with one.


PS. I searched the forum, but did not find any similar questions. If this a duplicate question, sorry for that.

Hi, t.m.heh

Our internal qa also met this issue several times.
There are issues tracking now.

Sorry for the trouble caused. Hope it will not block your work.