Differences Between MLNX OFED Versions 23.10- and 5.8-


I noticed that there are two LTS versions of the MLNX OFED: 23.10- and 5.8- I have confirmed that they support different versions of Ubuntu OS. Are there any other significant differences between these two versions? Additionally, which version would you recommend for specific use cases? If both versions support the same OS, is there a preferred version to use?

Thank you!

Hi hrlee,

We provide LTS releases on a yearly basis - in these LTS versions, no new features are added, and only bugfixes are backported for the sake of stability.

The 5.8 chain is the October 2022 branch, whereas the 23.10 branch is the October 2023 branch. See:
https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/networking/products/lts-releases/ for details and fabric compatibility matrices.

Many features were developed between the 23.10 and 5.8 branches, none of these new features are backported to the 5.8 LTS. Highly recommend reviewing the release notes to determine which features/changes are most important to you.

As far as our recommendations, we will always recommend moving to the latest versions available. MLNX_OFED 23.10 is the latest LTS revision, and will have a longer support window - an additional year of updates will be provided as opposed to 5.8.

If you have further questions on this, and have a valid Enterprise Support contract, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket with NVIDIA Enterprise Experience. We’ll be glad to assist.

Best regards,
NVIDIA Enterprise Experience

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