Differences between R1 & R4 modules

Hello All,

I have developed a camera application for the TX1, which utilises a USB 3.0 GenICam camera capitalising on Aravis Open source libraries and a standard OpenCV installation

This all works fine on the rev 100 module, but constantly locks up on the rev 400 module

What are the major differences in module revisions, as I do not seem to be able to find any documentation which tells me this


Hi martin.gunson,

What’s the BSP version on those TX1 modules?
Is that problem happened on customized carrier board or origin NVIDIA Jetson carrier board?



I flashed the TX1’s from the latest Jet Pack 3.1

They were running on a Connect Tech Elroy carrier board (Rev E). This showed constant reconnection of the SuperSpeed USB port, so we suspect a problem with this carrier in conjunction with the Rev 4 TX1 module - The Rev 1 module works correctly on these carrier boards

I have tested the Rev 4 modules on an Nvidia TX1 carrier board and the USB port behaves correctly

Martyn Gunson

Hi martin.gunson,
Can you try external powered HUB on the carrier board? Probably the power is not stable?

Hello DaneLLL,

We have just tried the combination of the Rev4 module with a Rev E Connect Tech Elroy carrier (that previously had the disconnection issue) and this did indeed resolve the disconnection - however it is an impractical solution.

There appears a subtle interaction of the TX1 module revision and the Connect Tech Elroy revision, as we do have 1 Rev E Elroy (with an early serial number) that works with both revision TX1 modules

The later serial number Elroy carriers do not work with the Rev 4 Tx1 modules, but do work with the Rev 1 modules


Hi martin,
1 Rev E Elroy with earlier serial number works on TX1 Rev1 and Rev4 modules.
1 Rev E Elroy with later serial number works on TX1 Rev1 module but does not work on TX1 Rev4 module.

Can you share schematic layout of both Rev E Elroy with earlier serial number and with later serial number?

Hi martin,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem on carrier board?
Any further information can be shared?