Differences between the JetPack 4.6.X and 5.1.X releases?

I saw that there were two new releases for JetPack: 4.6.4 & 5.1.2. What are the differences between the two 4.X & 5.X releases?

I am using the 4.6.3 for the Jetson AGX Xavier. Should I upgrade to 4.6.4 or just go to 5.1.2?

You can check their release pages to know the key feature different by
JetPack SDK 5.1.2 | NVIDIA Developer
and JetPack SDK 4.6.4 | NVIDIA Developer

That depends on your requrement to upgrade it or not, but we always suggest to upgrade to the newer one.

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Some major differences:

  • JetPack 4.x installs L4T R32.x (which is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers).
  • JetPack 5.x installs L4T R34.x+ (R35.x+ is production).
  • L4T R32.x is Ubuntu 18.
  • L4T R34.x+ is Ubuntu 20.
  • L4T R32.x uses a 4.x Linux kernel.
  • L4T R34.x+ uses a 5.x Linux kernel.
  • L4T R32.x uses CUDA 10.
  • L4T R34.x+ uses CUDA 11, and has a container available for CUDA 12.
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Another important change is that jetson mmapi changed from nvbuf_utils to NvBufSurface.
Some code using this API would have to be upgraded.

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