Different appear time in nvdsanalytics every time

Hardware Platform GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
DeepStream Version 6.2
Issue Type questions
I use file to infer cars in whole frame, i record every car’s appear time, but it always get different appear time for the same car.How can i solve this problem, i want to get the right time when the car appear at first time.
Get image time:
Get image time:

how did you get this time? how to reproduce this issue? Thanks!

Thank you for your reply.
1.I can get the time by using C++ basic time lib,when i got a new car’s roi label in a frame, i record the time.
Or i can directly see the cropped frame, i crop the pic when a car appear, like the image in my post, they are the same car in the file.For example, this car’s object_id is 66, “run 1” i run this program, i got the 66 object at 789th frame.“run 2” i run this program, i got the 66 object at 799th frame.
2.It happens when i run this program using the same mp4file, like i got the obj’s appear time randomly.

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can you provide a simplified code based on deepstream sample to reproduce this issue?

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