Different clock definitions in dt-bindings (tegra210-clk.h vs tegra186-clock.h)

Im currently porting a VI driver we used successful on the tx1 platform to the tx2 platform.

We used several clocks, defined in


for our device tree node.

However, some of those clocks as example:


are not even listed in


Am I looking at the wrong definition or am I missing something here? Is there any documentation about those changes available?

Any information would be appreciated!

hello raphael_z,

there are kernel version and vi driver difference between T210 and T186
i would suggest you refer to our TX2 drivers to port your own driver.

please also take a look about Tegra Linux Driver Package Documents R27.1 release
we had several changes included in Sensor Driver Programming Guide chapter.

Hi JerryChang

Thanks for your response. I’ve seen that alot has changed between T210 and T186. I will have a closer
look to your vi driver as you suggested.