Different Configurations and excluding src files and libraries

Hi, I wondered if anyone can give some advice on setting up additional configurations in Visual Studio. Specifically I want to set up an additional build to compile my Android build for Amazon. I want to exclude some libraries (ads for example) and I need to exclude particular source files that call those libraries.

What’s the best method to set things up? Currently I’ve added a new Final_Amazon Configuration. I’m using “Jar Directories” and “Jar Dependencies” to include particular libraries, so I’ve moved the “optional” libraries to a different folder. To exclude source files I tried to use the Ant Build Target, changing it to “release_amazon”, then added a nsight_tegra_build_overrides_release_amazon.xml file. I’ve tried to add the settings in there to exclude particular source files, but it doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure if this is the correct way to set things up.

My knowledge in this area is not the best - any help would be appreciated.

Hi cheese_block,
You methods looks right. what’s your error?


Hi, thanks for replying. In the end I copied the -compile target from the main build.xml file and added the include and exclude parts in that, which seemed to work ok. I’m sure there are better ways of doing it, but at least I got it to do what I wanted. Thanks

You can use “Ant Build>Pre-Ant Event” or “Build Events” to do it as well.