Different DTS files are using on 2 Jetson Nano with the same SD card image

I am developing application on Jetson Nano.
I am using the SDK version R32.5.1 on my development.
I have built a SD card image with a custom kernel driver.
I have two Jetson Nano development kit. The built image is no problem on one of my Jetson Nano while there is problem on another one.
I found that the ‘dmesg’ booting log are different. Seems the DTS are different. It is strange since I am using the same SD card.

Would anyone give me some hints to figure it out?

dmesg.log (45.8 KB)
dmesg_fail.log (47.0 KB)

After 32.5.1, the dtb is loaded from the QSPI flash on the module not the sdcard.

Sdcard only provides the APP partition.

Hi WayneWWW,
Would you tell me how to update the QSPI flash after I built the SD image?

It does not matter which sd image. You need to directly use flash.sh to flash the kernel dtb to the module.

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