Different ISP setting for 2 cameras?

Hi All,

I am using 2 IMX219 Camera, which 1 of them is a normal camera, and the other one is a wide angle camera. While the normal camera work just fine, the wide angle camera have an unusual pink tint.

I follow
to fix the pink tint.

But now the normal camera have a green tint. Which both pink and green tint affect the (NN) model performance.

I am looking into a solution where I can apply the isp setting to 1 camera only. I found
and also

I tired open the the device tree blob in /boot/dtb with dtc and it shows

                        rbpcv2_imx219_a@10 {
                                compatible = "nvidia,imx219";
                                reg = <0x10>;
                                devnode = "video0";
                                physical_w = "3.680";
                                physical_h = "2.760";
                                sensor_model = "imx219";
                                use_sensor_mode_id = "true";
                                reset-gpios = <0x5b 0x97 0x0>;
                                linux,phandle = <0x125>;
                                phandle = <0x125>;


                        rbpcv2_imx219_e@10 {
                                compatible = "nvidia,imx219";
                                reg = <0x10>;
                                devnode = "video1";
                                physical_w = "3.680";
                                physical_h = "2.760";
                                sensor_model = "imx219";
                                use_sensor_mode_id = "true";
                                reset-gpios = <0x5b 0x98 0x0>;
                                linux,phandle = <0x129>;
                                phandle = <0x129>;

I cannot find any badgefield. Please kindly advice how to apply ISP to only 1 camera (with same chip but different lens).

Many thanks!

The badge info in the tegra_camera_platform{}

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for a detail solution:

device tree can be view as file in


for B01 carrier board:

cam0 badge: porg_front_RBPCV2
cam11badge: porg_front_RBPCV2

To set specific ISP: name the isp with the badge and place inside the setting file in


sudo mv camera_overrides.isp  porg_front_RBPCV2.isp

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