Different PN's for A02 and B01 CoM and carrier boards


I know for B01 Jetson Nano CoM Module, what PN is P3448. The SDKManager shows for my CoM P3448-0002 but at the module itself stands 900-13448-0020. For which carrier board is it A02 or B01?

It’s for B01 carrier board.


and which number is for A02? And since when is the B01 CoM launched?


What is the exact point behind this question?

Every emmc module you see in the market would be B01 module. A02 module was released 3 years ago and they are only sdcard module. There is no release of A02 module anymore. Every module should be B01 one.
So it is hardly to see A02 module now.

The point behind this question is an issue with the camera my former colleague was working on. With an earlier setup for developing, everything worked before about 2-3 years.

Can you please send the data sheet of A01 so I can compare where the differences are?

What is exact thing you are asking…? Now you said another “A01”. Is it a typo?

I think the logic here is wrong. If you have any problem in debugging issue, then please directly tell/ask what problem you get now.

There is no need to compare A02 or B01 detail. Our design guide document is also based on B01 but not A02.

Also, A02 is only for developer kit. Every module works on custom board will be B01.

But 3 years ago it was different - namely the CoM A02 was on the market and my colleague probably had it. I read the following article from the camera internet page and refer to it as to why the camera doesn’t work now that my colleague has left the company:
Jetson Nano B01 vs A02: What’s New for the Compute on Module (CoM) and Carrier Board


What you are talking about has no conflict to what I just said. We indeed have 2 kinds of modules 3 years ago.

But A02 is only for Devkit. Are you able to understand this comment or not?

Please tell me what is the exact thing you are trying to do. What is your exact purpose for A02 module?

Why do you need to use A02 module? Is it on your own board or you are debugging on devkit?

A02 is no longer on the market for production so far so clear. But a colleague probably had it on his table 3 years ago and everything worked in the constellation because the AUVEDEA board also fitted in with it. Now I plug B01 CoM into the board and it no longer works with the CSI camera. Could that have been?


Again. I want to say that your debug logic is wrong.

If you are not making any custom board, but using a board from other vendors. You should contact with that board vendor about this issue first. There are lots of possibilities for this issue.

For example, maybe this AUVEDEA carrier board was not made for B01 module at all. We won’t know and you won’t know either because neither of us is Auvidea’s engineer. Or maybe they released another device tree for this carrier board and you didn’t know.

I have asked them already for that, but no response reached me until now. With response to questions very difficult topic there, unfortunately.

That did you mean with new device tree?


As I said, I didn’t know anything about Auvidea’s custom carrier board. What I just said were all guess.

for better understanding all CoM’s my question was: is P3448-0000 (shown in SDKManager) belongs to A02 ?

No, it could be b01 too. Sdkmanager will read the module eeprom to tell the exact module.

P3448-0000 only indicates “it is a sdcard module”. But it could be A02 or B01.

Also, if you are always using “Auvidea” board, then we don’t know what would work or not work after flashing with sdkmanager becuase sdkmanager is actually only supporting NV developer kit. We don’t guarantee its functionality on any kind of custom board.

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