different prediction results with pc and tk1

I have succesfuly installed CUDA 6.5, tensorflow 0.8 and keras 1.2 on Tegra K1. Also, I have pc with CUDA 9.0, tensorflow 1.14 and keras 1.2. I get different results with PC and TK1. My pc works fine and I get correct results but not on TK1. Here are part of prediction result for same input.

part of prediction result TK1

[[[[ 2.44758669e-02 -2.52809301e-02 4.70853567e-01 -1.86430067e-01
-5.89656782e+00 -9.83307734e-02]
[ 3.14187706e-01 2.80023873e-01 3.22924852e-02 -8.43359604e-02
-5.64867258e+00 8.84781405e-02]
[ 1.83856383e-01 2.81821191e-01 -5.37035130e-02 3.09827477e-01
-5.80059052e+00 2.24674195e-02]
[-9.71222818e-02 -7.32620656e-02 1.90277591e-01 1.11836813e-01
-5.85422373e+00 3.35075557e-02]
[-7.88409845e-04 1.35099678e-03 2.02147203e-04 6.41403021e-05
-5.83603907e+00 -4.19000015e-02]]

part of prediction result PC

[[[[-8.91938731e-02 5.94545752e-02 5.90743959e-01 -2.97945112e-01
-5.49693871e+00 -8.48789886e-02]
[ 2.72526503e-01 1.96140260e-01 8.96686763e-02 -2.35402450e-01
-5.58385086e+00 7.60408863e-02]
[ 1.88683480e-01 2.08750069e-01 -1.36078652e-02 2.80544102e-01
-5.39422750e+00 1.88021921e-02]
[-1.57400504e-01 -3.90715562e-02 1.95485935e-01 9.43987370e-02
-5.47305012e+00 -2.83568669e-02]
[-4.31994093e-04 1.59186369e-03 -4.59297909e-04 -2.49913195e-04
-5.47021437e+00 1.23961316e-02]]

What can be reason of this?