Different results on tesla s1070 and GTX8800 why?

Hi, all,
I got the different results running on tesla s1070 and gtx880 with the same code.
And I wonder why? What’s the probable reason.
With the env as fllowing:

Tesla S1070 using one C1060 + nvcc 2.3
GTX8800 + nvcc 2.1

So confused!!

Any suggestion?

What does “different” mean? There are plenty of things that could be wrong - building for the wrong architecture, double precision floating point, differences in the hardware itself.


Thanks for your reply.

The different is the result under tesla s1070 is not the same with that under gtx8800, only a little of differenence.

The result is an integer that count something.

I will consider the tip you brought forward carefully.

Thanks again, and also hope I can find what’s up.

Race condition? Are both results acceptable correct results?

On the other hand, you can run some memory test to see if there is any problem with the GPUs.

I reinstall toolkit 2.1 and sdk 2.1 on tesla S1070, and with the driver having no change, but I get the the second result, now I focus on the float point and 32bit-64bit OS(tesla server).