Differential Controller OmniGraph Node sometimes disappears when launching from python.sh


I have a robot that uses the DifferentialController OmniGraph Node from the omni.isaac.wheeled_robots extension, and for some reason, when I launch it from python.sh and spawn my robot programmatically, that node simply disappears from my Action Graph.
To add more, if I look for the node in the list of available nodes, it does not appear.
If I go to the extension manager, I can see it enabled. Then if I disable it and enable it again, the node appears, but my robot has already spawned broken, so it’s not useful at all.
I’ve tried adding omni.isaac.wheeled_robots as a dependency of a custom extension I have, but the same happens because in the end, the extension is there, but the nodes are simply not loaded.

Any thoughts on what could be happening? This happens both with Isaac 2022.2.0 and 2022.2.1

Hi @christianbarcelo - Someone from our team will review and get back to you.


From your description, I’m not sure. It could be many things :( can you please provide a minimum script that demonstrates your issue? I’m curious about how the action graph is being loaded and executed (what event triggers the controller nodes?).

sorry I can’t be more help!