Difficulties with transferring the lidar pointcloud to the ROS

Configuring lidar with 64 channels, 1024 points and 10 hz we expect to receive ROS pointcloud for a full turn 10 times per second. But the actual frequency of pointCloud2 messages varies from 40 to 70hz, and it almost doesn’t depends on configured frequency. Every message contains a part of pointcloud with different size, and when the frequency of rotation of the beam changes, the width of the cloud also changes. This makes the lidar difficult to work with.

Have you any plans to make some changes there?
Can you tell us how we can find source code to fix that. We would really like to use this feature in our project.

Could you send a screenshot of the property window with your Lidar prim configuration?
Will file a ticket and take a look at the issue.

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Latest 2021.2.1 release should resolve the issue:
Related changes:

  • PCL2 messages are published instead of PCL
  • Only points that hit are published
  • A full scan is published at the frequency of the lidar rather than publishing each frame.