digital vibrance missing in latest nvidia driver for rtx 2070

card rtx 2070
Asus Rog Strix 2070 Advanced edition
lspci gives;
VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1f07 (rev a1)

tried 4 different monitors, several different versions of ubuntu/kubuntu linux mint.
driver used; as well as drivers from ppa

It would appear the driver is bugged in monitor detection regardless of what i throw at it, including monitors that work fine in windows 10 regardless of port. Two of the other monitors were able to use digital vibrance fine with a gtx 1050. I also tried adding correct EDID’s for each monitor, same result

Would really like to get this resolved since one of the major reasons I bought the rtx 2070 was to not have washed out/dull colors in linux.

Will provide any additional information.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.11 MB)

Looks like the DigitalVibrance setting has vanished on all Turing cards regardless of driver version while it still works for previous GPUs. Don’t know if this is a bug or some deeper issue like being a canceled feature. Maybe also mail the nvidia-bug-report.log to linux-bugs[at]

Very odd that the feature works perfectly fine on windows but is disabled on linux…

You could also open an issue here:

Thank you for all your replies. I’m guessing it’s a bug since its not just digital vibrance that is greyed out, also imaging sharpening as well as color space with the only option as RGB. I’m hoping the nvidia team fixes all of these problems on turing. Surprised it hasn’t been addressed already in 430.

Digital Vibrance isn’t supported on Turing at the moment because the display color pipeline is all new and the old Digital Vibrance method doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you for reporting this, and I apologize for the delay in getting it re-implemented for Turing. Knowing that there’s interest in the feature helps us set priorities.

Has NVIDIA finally had time to create this little patch, or have we not been waiting long enough yet…?:)

NVIDIA has digital vibrance in drivers 435.17 and after.

They are still setting priorities, give them time.

I could not resist, sorry.

Digital Vibrance for Turing was added in the 435.17 release.