Digits on Jetson Xavier

Hi everybody,

We have a PC with an installed Ubuntu for SDK manager, but it has no Nvidia GPU.

Our development machines have Nvidia Quadro GPUs, but the OS is always Windows 10.
We need this OS due to our development / company processes.

Digits is not fully supported on Windows (only without detect-net, which we want to use).

Hyper-V has no GPU access (as we don’t have Windows Server installed, of course).

Nvidia Docker has no Windows support.

Dual boot is not an option, as this means, we don’t have access to our working environment.
We can’t reboot every time we need something that’s inside the “other OS”…

Ubuntu on an external drive is the same as an internal dual boot…

Buying a dedicated Ubuntu machine containing a Nvidia GPU is not an option.

This leads to the question:
Is there any possibility to get Digits, preferred in a docker container, running on Xavier?

Windows is not an unusual OS for a developer, and it’s not always possible to buy a dedicated, powerful Ubuntu machine. At least, when you are just starting…
So, this should not be an exotic problem.

We are open to any other solution…

Thanks in advance