DIGITS system setup not working

I use Jetson AGX Orin and try to set up DIGITS on it.
I follow the steps written in Gitub:jetson-inference/docs/digits-setup.md at master · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub and after reboot, I input the command “nvidia-docker start digits” and the prompt replys “digits” whick seems digits is working.
However when I try to access local host: http://localhost:8888 by web browser the access is not available.

Please suggest if “digits” is working on the platform or not and if working how local host can work.

The ubuntu version is 20.04.6

Thank you

Hi @sato-m43, it has been many years since trying DIGITS and that tutorial was marked as deprecated for a long time now and replaced by the PyTorch way.

I get it, thank you.


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