I am using ubuntu version 18.04.4 along with a graphics card of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti . I have tried to install the Nvidia Digits in my pc the version is cuda 10.2 with driver version of 440.100 , So i tried the installation based on the link (Getting Started With The DIGITS Container :: NVIDIA Deep Learning DIGITS Documentation)

While following the procedure given in the link I got some error and the error are listed below :

Error 1 :

           On cloning and building the caffe model based on the link (https://github.com/NVIDIA/caffe.git $CAFFE_ROOT -b 'caffe-0.15') throws an error in cmake and opencv and it was solved by the following ways :

Solution 1: Due to cmake version of 3.10.2 we were not able to execute the “make” .
---------------Upgrading cmake to version 3.16.5 solved the error thrown by cmake.

Solution 2 : For most of the problem in opencv was solved by this solution which was given in the link (Pull requests · BVLC/caffe · GitHub)

Error 2 :

  On starting digits server it show a message of tensorflow support was disabled in it and digit version(6.1)  

Info: The installed version of tensorflow-gpu is 1.2.1 as stated in the digits installation link, installed via python2 pip