Dimensional drawing of Jetson TX2 module?

I’m trying to find a dimensional drawing of the Jetson TX2 module, with the active heatsink that comes included with the dev kit. I’m essentially looking for the total height (TX2 plus heatsink), but without the DevKit carrier board.

I know this doc must exist somewhere in the download center, but I can’t seem to find it :-(

Hi philippe.desrosiers, if you were just looking for the module+TTP Z-height, that drawing would be in the Jetson TX2 Module Data Sheet.

However, since you want the active cooler from the devkit included, you will need to reference the Jetson Developer Kit 3D CAD Step Model.

Please do generate a PDF mechanical drawing. That STEP file is enormously complicated; I think it shows every component, which makes it awkward to open and view. A mechnical drawing in a datasheet is a standard feature of good documentation.