Dinosor Shader FX powered with Geforce 6200

Hi everybody
this is an opportunity for me to present my program of dinosor with a fur :)
we can change the density , length ,animate the fur and bumping the skin all that in real time powered with vertex an pixel shader technology …tested succefully
with the Geforce 6200
level of the fur
NON : BENCHMARK >= 50fps
LOW : 20fps <= BENCHMARK <= 33fps
MEDUIM :16fps <= BENCHMARK <= 21fps
HIGH : 12fps <= BENCHMARK <= 16fps
H = Help
Insert=(+)Bump Del=(-)Bump
KeyUP=(+) Fur Lenght KeyDown=(-)Fur Length
KeyRight= (+)Fur Density KeyLeft= (-) FurDensity
F1=ON/OFF Fur Animation F2 = ON/OFF FurColor F3 = ON/OFF FurDensity F4 = Show/Hide Body
F5 = WireFrame/Solid Mouse+LeftButton = Control Camera MouseWheel = Zoom


for more detail http://membres.lycos.fr/douibfaycal
download : http://membres.lycos.fr/douibfaycal/dino.exe