Direct Access to Allied Vision via V4L2

I have an allied vision camera and I want to work with v4l2 to access it. Since I need to set some special parameters in the camera , I should use “Direct Access Registry”.
I studied the whole of document but actually I have no idea how I should implement this to set my desired parameter.
Can anyone help me?

Looks like it’s USB camera. For USB camera there’s no way to do that if vendor didn’t implement the specific function via CID.


We have an Allied Vision CSI-2 camera (Not a USB camera).

According to this document:

It supports direct register access.

I have no idea how to access to these registers.

Is it possible to read/write to these registers using busybox devmem tool?
Actually I want to do something like this thread:

OK, then you can reference to ov5693 to add the debugfs to access the REG

Thanks. I got your answer and I’m trying to implement.

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